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Why Support GSP

​Now in its 36th year, the Governor's Scholars Program (GSP) is an inspirational, five-week, residential summer experience for outstanding high school students in Kentucky who have completed the junior year and are rising seniors. The experience is intellectually stimulating, promotes self-development and leadership, and fosters a passion for community involvement.

The Governor's Scholars Program originated in 1983, the result of a broad spectrum of Kentucky's leadership concerned that the state's "best and brightest" were leaving the Commonwealth to pursue educational and career opportunities elsewhere without fully understanding the potential of their talents at home. A strong Board of Trustees continues to lead and support the Program.

Through the GSP experience, students are enlightened and inspired. They are also provided with attractive scholarship opportunities by nearly all of the public and private colleges and universities in the state to attend college in the Commonwealth. The combination of these two features has helped provide enhanced leadership and economic benefits for Kentucky.

Since 1983, more than 27,000 students have now experienced the special and unique qualities of this Program. These alumni have and are becoming the academic, civic, and economic leadership for the Commonwealth. Your commitment and investment in them has helped make this happen. We thank you for your very important contribution.