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Working at GSP

​​​​​Thank you for your interest in joining the GSP community as a staff member! During the summer of 2023, the Program will occur on three Kentucky college campuses on the following dates: the first session from June 18 until July 24; the second session from June 24 until July 28; and the third session from June 25 until July 29.

GSP staff members spend their summer as part of a living/learning/working community without grades, tests, or academic credit. For faculty and RAs, this commitment spans six intense weeks—one planning week that precedes each campus’s Opening Day and the following five weeks of the program itself. Administrators and office staff members come to campus one week earlier to prepare for the arrival of faculty and RAs. Throughout the summer, every staff member must be prepared to take an active role in the GSP community, not only in the classroom, residence hall, and/or office, but also during some evening and weekend activities. In return for the time and energy that they devote to GSP, staff members enjoy the opportunity to work closely with Kentucky’s best and brightest—both among the scholars who fill their classes and halls and among their colleagues, with whom they collaborate daily.

The 2022 Program will be held on the Centre College campus in Danville, the Morehead State University campus in Morehead, and the Murray State University campus in Murray.

2022 GSP Staff​

​Reactivation forms can be sent to Robin Williams-Neal in the GSP-Frankfort office.