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What To Bring

  1. Clothes for classes:  casual, comfortable summer clothes, such as jeans, shorts, skirts, T-shirts, blouses, sport shirts; a skirt or long pants may be necessary for some field trips.  Clothing should be neat, comfortable, and modest.  Avoid clothing that reveals midriffs, backs, or undergarments.  Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.
  2. Raincoat and/or umbrella; hiking clothes and shoes for some field trips (be sure to include a long-sleeved shirt).
  3. Dress clothes, for religious services, if planning to attend, and such special events as final dinner (i.e., dress-up blouse and pants/skirt, simple dress, shirt/tie and slacks and, optionally, a sport coat).

  4. Sleepwear/robe:  bathrooms will be shared with other scholars.

  5. Athletic equipment and clothes:  for example-tennis racket, running shoes, racquetball/handball equipment, swimsuit, baseball/softball glove.
  6. Personal toiletries:  toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and soap dish, toilet paper, shaving equipment, shampoo, deodorant; a minimum of 2 bath towels and a washcloth (four or more would make laundry easier); a bathmat, if desired.
  7. Bed linens: 2 twin sheets (extra long) and 2 pillow cases (doubling would make laundry easier).  Each room has extra-long twin size beds.  In addition, you will need a pillow, a blanket and, if you want one, a bedspread.
  8. Small amount of personal silverware, if you plan to eat snacks in the residence hall.
  9. Hangers for your clothes; laundry bag and laundry detergent.
  10. Musical instruments, if you plan to practice or perform.  Pianos will be available.
  11. Scholars must bring their own telephone (phone jacks are provided).  Scholars may make long-distance calls collect or with a personal calling card, but may not charge calls to their room.  Cell phones will be permitted in the dorms only.
  12. Spending money:  this need not be much; you will need personal funds for such items as snacks, pizza, stamps, personal items, and quarters for laundry machines.  Scholars’ spending varies—you may want to check with several alumni.
  13. Alarm clock and/or wristwatch.  Students should not plan to use cell phones to determine time.
  14. Camera, video recorder and things to read during spare time.

Each student will have a private closet in her/his room.  While we don’t anticipate that there will be any real problem with theft, in a large community living situation such as ours, things may disappear.  We would discourage students from bringing anything valuable (jewelry, large amounts of cash, expensive stereo equipment, etc.) with them this summer. The Governor's Scholars Program can assume no liability for loss or damage of personal items.

TV SETS, PERSONAL COMPUTERS, AND PERSONAL DVD PLAYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED.  DO NOT BRING THEM!  Ipods and other personal MP3 players will be permitted in the dorms only.

Possession or use of alcohol, drugs, firearms, or motorized vehicles is prohibited.  This prohibition will be strictly enforced.  Violators will be dismissed.

Note to Parents and Guardians:
Please keep in mind that there will be a Family Day at the end of your scholar’s second week on campus.  This is an excellent time to replenish scholars’ stocks of snack food, spending money, clothing, or any items that may have initially been forgotten.  Scholars may also receive items by mail throughout the Program.  As a result, it is not necessary to bring supplies for the entire five weeks on Opening Day.