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Applications and Forms

For Student Applicants:

Students interested in applying to participate in the 2019 Governor's Scholars Program will need to download a copy of the 2019 Student Application.  Information regarding the application and selection process was mailed to schools from the GSP Central Office in Frankfort in early September 2018.

For more information about the Program and the statewide selection process as well as important tips for completing the GSP application, be sure to check out the Helpful Hints: Best Practices & Important Information Packet.

The 2019 Student Application and the Helpful Hints: Best Practices & Important Information Packet can be downloaded below. NOTE: You must have Microsoft Word downloaded on your computer to open the 2019 Student Application.

For Teacher Recommenders:

For Community Recommenders:

For Guidance Counselors:

For Selection Coordinators:

Note:  All updated forms for the 2019 Governor's Scholars Program will be dated with the year 2019. Any documents labeled 2018 (or prior) are from previous selection cycles and are not up-to-date.