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College Connections for 2020 Governor’s Scholars

MEMO TO: 2020 Governor’s Scholars 

FROM: Aristofanes Cedeno, Executive Director 

RE: College Connections for 2020 Governor’s Scholars 

DATE: August 3rd, 2020 

With the summer GSP days behind us, you look forward to your senior high school year and the start of the college search process. To support your efforts, the GSP has placed here the following links, videos and documents which will prove helpful as you contact specific Kentucky colleges or universities and prepare for your conversations and interviews with the respective college personnel. 

With your permission and that of your parents/guardians, the GSP will release your name and your social security number (requiredto Kentucky colleges and universities. If you did not sign a release form, your name will not be released for the purpose of recruitment, enrollment and scholarships offered by Kentucky colleges and universities. If you signed the form but chose not to provide your social security number, your name will be released, but the Kentucky college or university of your interest may not be able to match your name to the social security on your college applicationconsequently, you may not be eligible for the scholarships offered to Governor’s Scholars. 

Scholarship InformationFor the types of scholarships offered by Kentucky colleges and universities

College Connection DirectoryThis information provides you with the name and contact information of the person designated by each Kentucky college and university to help Governor’s Scholars and guide them through the process. The contact person may refer you to another person as/if needed.

KHEAA: Within the directory you will find information about Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA), the organization in charge of the KEES money. KHEAA also has designated contacts for each of Kentucky’s regions. Follow the link to get in touch with your regional outreach counselor and learn more about the KEES money and information about college financial assistance.   

Set of Videos and Documents: Interview Skills