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A Day in the Life: A GSP Resident Advisor


Cody Cook, GSP-Morehead State University campus

Let me start off by saying there really isn’t a better job than being a GSP RA. As an RA for the program, every day is a different adventure full of fun, creativity, challenges, and new experiences. In the RA role, I lead a leadership club, a Spanish language and culture club, and helped facilitate the activities that the scholars wanted to pursue. I attended courses taught by my faculty partner regarding a wide range of interesting topics and current issues. I facilitated a seminar composed of diverse and interested rising seniors where we discussed topics and issues that are relevant to young adults in today’s society.  I assisted faculty members with a variety of field trips from the Forensic Lab in Hazard, KY to the Cincinnati Opera. I was able to network and meet a lot of new friends who continue to play a huge role in my life today. I developed my leadership skills and learned a lot about who I am and who I want to be. I played a lot of tennis, soccer, and tag. I learned a variety of new card games and ice breakers. I laughed. I cried (mainly because we often laughed until we cried). Most importantly, I made an impact. An impact on the lives of young adults who need great mentors and guidance. As an RA, you make a difference. You are able to shape the lives and connect with Kentucky’s next generation of civic and economic leaders. This is why being a GSP RA is by far the greatest job to have.